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Planting myself in an authentic slice of Americana, we made a good choice to stay at the historic Harbor View Hotel circa We could easily walk on Water Street into Edgartown, a street lined with original homes of the Whaling Captains that originally worked in this region of New England and right from there hop on a sailboat to cruise around the harbor much like the boats that sailed these waters for centuries. Known for its gingerbread cottages, Oak Bluffs had a different character than Edgartown and vibrated a welcome edginess. Even a rainy day could not squelch the charm of Edgartown. It's the time we intentionally take away from work to nurture our bodies, minds and souls and to bond as women spending quality time. I'd go back to Edgartown just for this coffee every day! In this hour, we celebrate things we do in the name of love. They were like the color of expensive olive oil. Find Stories in this Episode. Listen Now Add to Playlist. The Afridi family. Suzie at her wedding. Saks circa Suzie and Saks' wedding. Suzie and Saks.

I continued to see the image of Muslim women like myself and my friends just being voiceless, being talked about. For the piece, the lights came up focused on Sackett, who was wearing a black hijab and abaya, a full-length, loose-fitting cloak-like traditional garment Muslim women wear for prayer. Sackett aims to bridge the divide between herself as a hip-hop dancer and Muslim woman. Sackett explained how the hip-hop side of her wanted to go into battle mode, but the Muslim side was about peace. So this started me on this path of being a bridge, being both American and a Muslim woman.

Muslim religious writings are not entirely clear on the question of veiling. Despite the multiple, complicated reasons behind wearing a hijab, there are those who routinely assert that women who wear a headscarf are necessarily oppressed. International Women's Day Event: Better the balance, better the world — Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. So, inshe started World Hijab Day — a day for both Muslim and non-Muslim women to experience wearing a headscarf. Jewish, Christian and Hindu women have also covered their head at various times in history and in different parts of the world. For many other women, the headscarf has become a means of resistance to standards of feminine beauty that demand more exposure.

Sackett said she saw a growing discord in society between Muslims and non-Muslims, particularly in the years following the Sept. Pushback came immediately from people taken aback by seeing a Muslim woman own her identity. The performance, combining traditional Muslim attire with futuristic movements such as the robot, elicited such an emotional reaction from her audience that Ms. She said Muslim girls came up to her after the show in tears, telling her it was inspiring to see someone who looked like them embodying their beliefs on stage. Sackett, 43, is just that, using her passion for movement and identity as a Muslim American woman to challenge stereotypes and inspire audiences worldwide through hip-hop influenced works.

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Edgartown Muslim Women
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