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Sailors and travelers visited San Juan Bautista as soon as they got off the boat so they could thank God for a safe voyage. Old San Juan 's venerated cathedral is Puerto Rico's grandest religious building, and one of its most important. A short walk from the San Juan Gate along the Caleta de las Monjas it was the first stop for many travelers who landed on the island and walked into the city through its only seaside entry. On the day of its founding, Indians presented themselves for catechism. From to , disease killed 1, Indians here. Indians came from miles to hear the concerts. By , this mission had recorded the most baptisms of any—8, The sanctuary is still used for worship. Serra was buried here. They refused to go. The friars then made the first tile roofs, so characteristic of mission architecture.

When the pastor entered the sanctuary, he saw an intense shaft of light traversing the length of the church and illuminating the east half of the altar. After all, I thought, windows project light into the darkened sanctuaries of the church throughout the year. For thousands of years people have marked this event with rituals and celebrations to signal the rebirth of the sun and its victory over darkness. One year later, I returned to San Juan Bautista on the same day, again early in the morning. Several years later, while I was working on an archaeological investigation at Mission San Carlos Borromeo in Carmel, I realized that the church at this site also was skewed off kilter from the square quadrangle around it — in this case, about 12 degrees. At hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of missions stretching from northern California to Peru, the winter solstice sun triggers an extraordinarily rare and fascinating event — something that I discovered by accident and first documented in one California church nearly 20 years ago. The mission is also located a half-hour drive from the high-tech machinations of San Jose and the Silicon Valley.

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A small settlement of whites grew up in the pueblo, and there were some 50 inhabitants in the town of San Juan by the end of Nearly 30 years after secularization, the missions were returned to the Catholic Church. Inunder the secularization act, San Juan Bautista Mission was reduced to a curacy of the second class, under a civil administrator, and its assets sold. After secularization, San Juan Bautista became a pueblo. Bymore than Indians were living at San Juan Bautista mission. In late spring, Spanish Corporal Juan Ballesteros and five men came, and in a month they erected a chapel, houses for themselves and the Padres, and a granary. The Fault caused several damaging earthquakes during the early history, but San Juan Bautista mission never moved. It has been in continuous use since The site was chosen because it promised an "abundant harvest of souls" in the San Juan Valley. Ina report filed to the governor listed San Juan Bautista mission livestock and rancho lands, listing holdings that included 6, head of cattle, horses, 37 mules, sheep. Fathers Jose Manuel de Martiarena and Pedro Martinez, who supervised the construction, found the native people friendly and cooperative and the San Juan Bautista Mission grew quickly.

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John of Damascus, Priest and Doctor Died Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS A group of young Catholic men are being hailed as heroes today after they formed a human shield around the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista in Argentina from 7, lesbian, feminist and pro-abortion protesters who were attempting to storm the church. A group of young Catholic men are being hailed as heroes today after they formed a human shield around the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista in Argentina from 7, lesbian, feminist and pro-abortion protesters who were attempting to storm the church. Women of Worth Retreats.

San Juan Bautista Christian Women
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