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We all know of the great contributions to Jewish continuity made by Torah scholars over the ages. The vast reservoir of commentaries and halachic works added to the canon of Jewish literature over the past 2, years is astonishing in its scope and breadth, particularly against the backdrop of Jewish suffering and persecution. But while men tended to study in the great yeshivah centers, women were often weaving Torah values and ideals into the fabric of their homes. Note, for example, the following incident related by the Talmud Gittin 57b:. Four hundred Judean youths were enslaved by the Romans for immoral uses and transported by ship to their destination.

Cretser wrote that many Jewish men became prominent merchants. Amsterdam has had two Jewish mayors — attorney Carl S. One of the first Jewish men on record in the s in Amsterdam was Benjamin Singer. Jewish history in Amsterdam. Inthe Daughters of Jacob Society came into being, an organization of women formed within Congregation Sons of Israel. Their mission was to support the Jewish community and the community as a whole.

The Mishnah in Ketuboth 7: This categorization suggests that hair covering is not an absolute obligation originating from Moses at Sinai, but rather is a standard of modesty that was defined by the Jewish community. What is the basis for this Jewish practice, and what are some of the legal and social reasons for its variations? For example some women view head covering as a sign of their marital status and therefore do not cover their hair in their own home. In the contemporary Orthodox world, most rabbis consider hair covering an obligation incumbent upon all married women; however, there is variation in the form this takes. Many women only don the traditional covering when entering or praying in a synagogue, and still others have rejected hair covering altogether. Despite rabbinic opinions to the contrary, these women thought of hair covering as a matter of custom and culture. Some maintain that women must cover all their hair, for example the Mishnah Berurah forbids a man from praying in front of his wife if any of her hair is showing. Many women who continue to cover their hair do not do so for the traditional reason of modesty. Maimonides does not include hair covering in his list of the commandments, but he does rule that leaving the house without a chadorthe communal standard of modesty in Arabic countries, is grounds for divorce Laws of Marriage The Shulchan Aruch records that both married and unmarried women should cover their hair in public Even Haezer The Zohar further entrenches the tradition by describing the mystical importance of women making sure that not a single hair is exposed.

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Indeed, in styled wigs some Hasidic women look far more glamorous than their assimilated Jewish counterparts. Hasidic women represent a unique face of American Judaism. Their dress is modest, one truly distinguishing feature being the sheytl wig or tikhel scarf worn by all married women. Women have served as important agents of faith and family life in the transmission of Hasidic belief to new generations of followers, their public roles increasing with educational experience. Outside their own communities, Hasidic women are not as identifiable as their male counterparts. Yet throughout the nineteenth century, women and girls were never expected to move past a basic literacy in daily and holiday prayers. This educational awakening of Hasidic women not incidentally paralleled feminist movements in prewar Western Europe. Although Hasidic sects in America continue to differ in the work and educational opportunities permitted to women, without question one of the most profound postwar changes overall has been schooling for girls. From the s to s, a steady stream of displaced Hasidic leaders, followers, activists, and refugees flowed into low-income Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Jerusalem. uk is the best, or did they not have shine, but sunday night is the premiere of his first adventure behind the camera on the show, damn, numerical age, from men are seeking women, and world rankings, but a fridge that has a!

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Sloansville Jewish Women
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