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But at least it shows that the Armenians were not killed because they were Armenians, but because they were Christians. On Armenian Genocide Memorial Day, the annual remembrance of the horrific killings that claimed the lives of over 1 million Armenian Christians, year-old Arsineh Sarkisian and thousands like her marched through the streets of Los Angeles. Under the leadership of Islamist dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey is again demonstrating a surging hostility to Christians. The Islamic State left behind vast bloodstained killing fields where Christians, Yazidis and others had been massacred. Thus the Armenian community — along with Pontic Greeks, Assyrian Christians, and other Ottoman subjects — suffered the first genocide of the 20th century. Armenian women were even offered to be spared if they convert to Islam. As I felt the heat of that flame on my face, I made a commitment to report, as best I could, the aggressions of radical Islamists against Christians, Jews and other minorities. Others say she merely followed her heart and converted to Islam to marry the love of her life. Or that that she is just a pawn in the upcoming election, that they have manipulated a naive and vulnerable Christian girl to marry a Muslim in order to get more votes from Islamists, because if you convert a non-Muslim you have completed a great deed for Allah and Muhammad, and you should be rewarded. I decided to hear her own version of this modern Shakespearean drama, in a place where world politics has a habit of colliding with ancient civilizations and religions at war. What does everyone want from us? Leave us alone. No one was forced to anything. Can young people not fall in love? You can fall in love across religions. The rooster is crowing and the first prayer of the day is heard loudly from the eleven mosques. I have booked an appointment with the only Assyrian parliamentarian in Turkey, Erol Dora, to talk about the upcoming election.

The woman, who goes only by the pseudonym of "Derya Little" and now resides in the United States, detailed her life story and how she went from being a Muslim to an atheist, to a Protestant and finally to becoming a Catholic in her book From Islam to Christ: In an interview with The Christian Post, Little explained that she began to lose faith in Islam when she was between the ages of 11 and 12 in the early s while growing up in the town of Konya in the predominantly Muslim country. After reading the works of Turan Dursun, a shia cleric who became an atheist, Little was presented with a reality of the inhumane ways women are treated in a more conservative Muslim country. Little stated that many in Turkish society are prejudiced against Christians and Christianity because of a repeated false narrative. It took Little about 10 years after renouncing Islam to finally accept Christ as her Lord and Savior at the age of She explained in her book that even though she no longer had faith in Islam, her opinion of Christians was very low because of the things she and others were taught to believe about Christians in a Muslim society. Her textbooks just taught that "it was the Christians who wanted to plunder the lands and the riches of the Muslim world" and all the Turks did was "defend what was rightfully theirs. One thing that took Little by surprise as a child reading about Muhammad was how women were treated under his rule. A former Muslim, who renounced her faith as a young girl in Turkey and later accepted Jesus as her savior after living for years as an atheist, has opened up about her spiritual journey and also revealed the things she was taught and wasn't taught about Christians and the Muslim prophet as a kid.

Around 45, Armenian and Assyrian Christians also known as Syriac and Chaldean who fled Syria and Iraq and have settled in small Anatolian cities in Turkey, are forced to hide their religious identity, according to the Hurriyet daily newspaper. It increases the uneasiness of all Armenians living in Turkey. When Muslim armies captured non-Muslim lands, the Christians and Jews were given the choice of either converting, being killed, or living as " dhimmis ": On December 28,for instance, year-old Maritsa Kucuk, an Armenian woman, was beaten and stabbed to death in her home in the neighborhood of Samatya one of the largest Armenian communities in Istanbulwhere she lived alone. A memorial in France commemorating the Assyrian Genocide in Turkey. InDamascus, then mostly Christian, became the first major city of the Byzantine Empire to fall to the Rashidun Caliphate. In Iraq, where many Christian refugees in Turkey also come from, there has also been a campaign of Islamization. What makes the plight of Christian refugees in Turkey even more tragic is that the ancestors of some of those refugees were driven out of Anatolia by the Ottoman authorities and local Muslims a century ago, during what are known as the Armenian Genocide and Assyrian Genocide of Another family, Linda and Vahan Markaryan, also fled to Turkey with their two children. The West, coming as it does from the Judeo-Christian culture of love and compassion, would seem to have a moral responsibility to help first the Christians, the most beleaguered and most benign of immigrants.

First built in the s, Surp Giragos was closed in the s after the city became depopulated of Armenians. Turkay is a grandson of a survivor of the Armenian genocide committed under the Ottoman Empire in His family accepted Islam to escape persecution, but he has in recent years re-embraced Christianity and publicly identifies as an Armenian. But the authorities have set no timeline for the return of the church properties to their respective Christian communities. Blanket curfews left the populace under siege for weeks at a time, causing more than 30, to flee the city. Local municipal officials criticised the decision for lacking legal justification and its potential to cause enormous social and cultural damage to the city. The new decision has effectively made the Diyarbakir churches — one 1, years old, another built only in — state property of Turkey, an Islamic country of 75 million. Six churches are now under state control: Although it is the ancestral homeland of Syriacs and Armenians, well over a million of these ethnic Christians were massacred and sent on death marches during the final years of the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Present-day Turkey hosted the Christian church's foundational church councils, including Nicea, which laid the groundwork for orthodox theology. In both cases, EU access functions as a sort of reverse "Macedonian call" for these beleaguered Christians. Of course, far from being historically unreached like ancient Macedonia, Turkey is home to many of Christianity's pivotal events. Persecution stemming from this perspective has stunted church growth and crippled the small Christian community. Byzantine collapse While modern territorial spats between Greece and Turkey occasionally garner headlines, the peoples in these two regions have been in conflict for millennia. Before the genocide, however, Ottoman Turkey still had sizable Christian communities. The city of Mardin, where Derik is also located, was for centuries a part of the Kingdom of Assyria. Yursalin and her husband are the only remaining Christian couple in the town. So is Christianity. But as there was no Christian priest left in the town back then, I had to marry at home. The process of annihilation of indigenous Christian civilization in the region took centuries. News World November 08 Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy freed in Pakistan ISLAMABAD - AP A Christian woman acquitted after eight years on death row in Pakistan for blasphemy was released but her whereabouts in Islamabad on Thursday remained a closely guarded secret in the wake of demands by radical Islamists that she be publicly executed. At his sprawling madrassa in the Punjab city of Gujrat, Qadri told the AP this week that he had the religious authority to declare a fatwa, or edict, demanding the judges be killed. A Christian woman acquitted after eight years on death row in Pakistan for blasphemy was released but her whereabouts in Islamabad on Thursday remained a closely guarded secret in the wake of demands by radical Islamists that she be publicly executed. Nearly a week later, the two women said Bibi had insulted the Prophet Muhammad and she was charged with blasphemy - a controversial issue in Pakistanwhere mere accusations of blasphemy can cause riots. Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy freed in Pakistan.

Turkey City Christian Women
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